Affirming Great Girl-Dads (Wherever They Are)

Having a family that’s near exclusively female (excepting a husband and a hamster) tends to concentrate the way you pay attention to elements of social media and pop culture).   I was an expert on the Disney Pantheon of Princesses (even as I worked hard to keep the doll-atry contained). My husband played more than his fair share of rounds of Pretty Pretty Princess and wears his “Dads Against Daughters Dating” shirt with pride. I can appreciate funny TV moments between Dads and sons from a distance, but when I see a commercial or a news story about a father and a daughter, it resonates with me on a much more personal level.

That’s what got me thinking one day a few months ago as I was growing through #ObamaandKids on Twitter. Today my friends at Christ and Pop Culture published the results of those thoughts.

ImagoDeian thinking takes you to some unexpected, and unexpectedly good, places.

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